Online Summer School FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  How many courses can I take?
Students must remember that summer school is an accelerated program. You are completing all the course requirements for a full credit in six weeks. VHS students spend an average of 4-6 hours per day working on their summer courses. For this reason, we recommend students only take ONE (1) online course in the summer program. Students can enroll for TWO(2) courses, but it is discouraged and requires attendance at both the regular and make up exam administrations as well as splitting time with two instructors at orientation. You could likely work an average of 8-12 hours per day on your courses.
2.   What if I am out of town during part or all of the summer session? (living with a relative,family vacation or attending a camp or conference)
a. One of the reasons students choose online summer school is flexibility. Students can work from any location with Internet access and at any time of the day as long as they meet their daily assignment submission deadline. Be sure to allot enough time each day to complete requirements (approx. 4-6 hours).  Typically,students can work ahead a day or two and still attend events such as these as long as they can logon from their remote location (daily) to check email, and participate in class discussions (which are date sensitive). Students must take the SOL and final exam in person with a photo ID. Students are required to show mastery of content on these exams.  We offer two exam dates for flexibility on the final exam.  If you pass the SOL during the session you can be exempt from your final exam.  

b. If you are out of the area on the final exam date, you can take the exam with a qualified, pre-approved PROCTOR. This must be a teacher, administrator, counselor or librarian and the exam should be take at an educational institution or library.  The proctor cannot be known to the student.  Submit the proctor information to your VHS instructor a week before the exam date (proctor, name, title, phone and EMAIL).  The VHS teacher will verify the proctor and will send the exam password and instructions. The student must still take the exam on one of the scheduled offering dates.  If you are out of town during the SOL testing period you can take the SOL at your base school in the fall administration.  You must take the final exam.  INSTRUCTIONS
c. Also, if you are going to be on vacation or at camp at anytime, without the ability to login and work 4-6 hours per day, you should NOT take an online summer course. We DO NOT allow students to miss a week of summer school and then make it up when they return.  You can take the Course Orientation online if you are out of town on the first day, however, it is strongly recommended students attend the Course Orientation in person to get off to a solid start with their VHS teacher.
d.  We cannot possibly accommodate everyone’s summer schedule by opening courses or providing assignments early. Additionally, requests for alternate final exam dates will not be honored as the summer schedule requires us to stay on a very tight timeline moving forward. 
3.   Where will I take my exams?
SOLs and final exams are at Battlefield High School which has enough computer labs to accommodate all the summer students. If you are in a school "flex" program you will do your orientation and exams at your school - please check your course homepage to confirm before driving to the school.  If you are out of the area on the exam dates you can take your final exam with a pre-approved proctor at another school.  (see 2b)
*Econ/Finance students take the Workplace Readiness Exam in order to earn their industry credential - which is required for graduation.  We will notify you of the dates and locations to take the WPR exam.
4.   Can I take my exams on a date other than the one published in the session schedule?
No. Due to the accelerated schedule in summer, and the demand for alternative exam dates, we cannot accommodate exams on any dates other than those posted in the summer session schedule. *Exception:  If you are WALKING in the summer graduation ceremony - you will have an early final exam date.  NO other students can test on that day.
5.    Do I have to attend the face-to-face course orientation on the first day of classes?
It is highly recommended, but not required. This meeting is for you to meet your online instructor and complete your first day assignments in person so you can ask questions. It is essential for the SUMMER session to feel comfortable in your course, as it is easy to get overwhelmed if you are unsure of what you instructor expects. Parents are welcome to accompany the student (if space permits), or to attend for them if they cannot be here.
6.    What if I’m also taking a course in the traditional face-to-face summer school program?
We schedule our orientation and exams in the afternoon so these students can attend. Beware, taking both programs means you will be in a summer classroom for 5 hrs, and then online for another 4-6 hrs per day!
7.    Will my instructor be available to answer questions each day?
YES! Instructors have online office hours each day (M-F) in the summer session. They will post the dates, times, and method of contact in their course syllabus. We have multiple ways for you to contact your instructor including: pager, email, virtual classroom,and phone.  It is important to ask your question early so there is time to get a response before your deadline.  Your instructor will also teach a daily live lesson - typically at the same time each day - to be successful, it is recommended you attend these lessons and participate in person.  If you cannot attend, they are recorded and archived for you to listen to later and complete and exit ticket for credit.
8.    Is class availability guaranteed?
Generally, there are no problems with accommodating enrollment demand, however, sometimes we get unexpectedly high demand in summer and we are forced to close a course before the registration window ends.  The VHS course format relies on teacher support and we honor staffing ratios.  It is recommended that students register early.  

If I am a rising freshman, which courses can I take in SUMMER?
With approval from the student’s home school administrator or designee, rising ninth grade students may also take high school classes for course credit the summer before their freshman year.  This includes any of the freshman level courses.  Please be sure you confirm with either the middle or high school counseling office that the course offered in VHS matches your high school plan.
10.  Is there a summer graduation ceremony for seniors?
Yes! A very nice ceremony is available to all seniors in either the traditional or online summer programs. It is important to complete the intent to graduate form the FIRST WEEK of your course. The graduation ceremony is coordinated by the OSMAP office and the point of contact is the summer guidance secretary at the base school for the in-person summer program. The ceremony is typically a day or two before the end of the session, so you are required to finish the course and take your final a few days early.

11.  I am interested in taking HPE online and have questions, where can I find more details?
Our online HPE courses are very popular and have several components in order to meet the state standards for health, fitness and drivers education (level II only).  The first place to look is in the course catalog.  You can read a description and see a video syllabus.  We also have a dedicated site for everything HPE including description, requirements, fitness choices and drivers education details:
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