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Virtual Prince William (VPW) instructors are Prince William County Public Schools teachers who are either still teaching in a traditional classroom and online, or only teaching online. They are all highly qualified in their content area.

All VPW instructors have proven success teaching in both traditional and online classrooms. All instructors complete a 7-9 week online teacher methodology course, and are required to complete continuous improvement professional learning during their tenure with VPW.

Our instructors take great pride in their unique ability to instruct students from a distance. Please feel free to contact any of our lead instructors listed here.

VPW Instructors

English Department

  • Melissa Morse
  • Laura Saccente
  • Daphne Patsalosavvis
  • Cynthia Lazo
  • Lori Link
  • Paulina Ell (Department Chair)

Math Department

  • Cassandra Pettit
  • Cami Craig (Department Chair)
  • Bryan Hamilton
  • Gabriela Moffat
  • Bethany Houser
  • Kevin Wolf

Social Studies Department

  • Carolyn Weddel
  • Rebeca Swain
  • Jeff MacDonald
  • Nick Grove
  • Peter Wonders (Department Chair)
  • Michael Quear
  • Julie Faith
  • Rose Gallitz
  • Andrew Batt

Science Department

  • Chelsea Bollinger
  • Kim Wright
  • Erik Linton
  • Lesley Johnson (Department Chair)
  • Shawna Torp

Business Department

  • Erin Ball (Department Chair)
  • Christine Ware
  • Scott Cloud
  • Kamau Street
  • Baxter Helmick
  • Robin Ethridge
  • Talya Davis
  • Andrew Gummo
  • Amber Tiernan
  • Kathryn Jett McVea
  • Jessica Stott-Hinnefeld
  • Kim Buford
  • James Carroll

Health and PE Department

  • Justin Contois
  • Nathan Nemerow
  • Kim Butts
  • Amy Dignan (Department Chair)
  • John White
  • Johnny "Jay" Smith
  • Krista Link
  • Kelly Beauchamp-Payne

World Language Department

  • Anne Tra (Department Chair)
  • Joanna Maddox
  • Kelly Kirkendall
  • Samantha Lennon
  • Flor Martinez-Johnson
  • Stephanie Tom

Interested in teaching for VPW?

Any PWCS teacher interested in teaching for Virtual Prince William can contact Brett Helman at [email protected] for more information.