Required Materials

Sticky note and pen

Virtual Prince William Students will need access to the following:

  • Computer
  • Internet access (e.g., Wi-Fi)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone/headset

Required Orientation

  • Program Orientation – This orientation is conducted online and will be made available the week before the start of the term. Students will complete general overview lessons of the program before the start of the term. This will need to be completed with a certain passing score for the course to be unlocked.
  • Course Orientation – This orientation is conducted online and will be our Back to School Night. This orientation will be during the first day/night of the term and will be with the student's course instructor. Students will complete "Module 0" lessons such as discussion posts, how to submit assignments, and general teacher/course information.

Characteristics of a Successful Virtual Learner

  1. Responsibility – With online learning, individuals take the lead of their own learning process. Online learners must demonstrate a good deal of responsibility to keep up with the demands of an online course.
  2. Time Management – In order to be successful, online learners must be organized in setting a schedule that allows them to meet their due dates. This would require a balance of priorities among online courses, in-person courses, extracurricular activities, etc. Virtual Prince William students on average spend about 7-9 hours per week working on their virtual course during the 18 week fall and spring terms and 4-6 hours per day during the 6 week summer term.
  3. Commitment – Virtual Prince William students have strong motivation and commitment to complete the necessary tasks of an online course. Our students are committed to adhering to policies/regulations, teacher led schedule, self led schedule, completing assignments on time, watching recorded lessons, and participating in group discussions. Students are committed to reaching their full potential.