About Virtual Prince William

The Virtual Prince William (VPW) is a program designed to expand the access of challenging curricula through the delivery of high quality online courses.

The VPW offers courses for full credit in three terms per year: fall, spring, and summer. Students attend orientation and then work from any location with Internet access to complete their assignments and take their assessments online. Students must take a mid-semester benchmark exam, SOL (if applicable), and final exams online.

The VPW uses highly-qualified PWCS teachers and requires in-person orientation and exams. Video assignments and exams are also included in the course and students are required to have the following:

  • Reliable internet access;
  • A laptop or desktop computer;
  • Microphone/speakers or headset; and
  • Browser-enabled webcam.

VPW courses are not self-paced, self-directed courses. They are based on a published schedule and require consistent interaction with the instructor and peers. Students can work ahead as long as they are meeting the set deadlines and must meet together at a pre-established date and time for high-stakes exams such as benchmark, final, and SOL.

Online learning courses tend to be very work intensive, and since there are no bells or hall monitors to begin and end classes, students involved in online courses must have a strong desire to learn and achieve. Most students who have taken a course from the VPW have commented that online courses are excellent but require at least as much time as a traditional classroom course, if not more.


The vision of Virtual Prince William is to create and educate lifelong, self-motivated learners using quality, asynchronous online learning.


Virtual Prince William offers online learning that provides freedom and flexibility, empowering students to achieve their educational goals in balance with the demands of their personal lives, and the opportunity to drive their learning to become responsible, contributing global citizens.